Monday, August 8, 2016

Related imageYour views about the Olympics in Brazil. (Sports)
Yes it is Olympic time again and already the United States is dominating in medals won. Michael Phelps the guy with the most gold medals already won another one. Brazil should take pride in their opening ceremonies that took place and educated the world about how precious the earth is and how we need to plant trees and restore our eco-system and do everything we can to stop global warming. On August 5th Rio De Janeiro hosted the Olympics from its huge Maracana Stadium with a light show and fireworks. It is the first ever Olympic Games that is taking place in South America. It is packed with activities that make two weeks seem so short.
The story of Brazil was retold in a stunning show beginning with the birth of life itself and continuing with a representation of the countries rainforest. I am surprised to notice how Brazil’s football team is havin problems even staying in the games. America with 12 medals won is already the most won medals country in the Olympic Games so far. Brazil who could only draw with South Africa in their opening match had more of the ball and pushed forward in droves as the match wore on but they could not find a way past the Iraqi safeguard. Brazil had 20 shots at goal to Iraq’s eight but they lacked composure to  score.  
The Olympics in general represent fairness in competition. It like the United Nations is one of the few venues that can and do bring the world together in peaceful competition showing off the best of the best in sports competition from all over the globe. Race or religion take a back seat to physical endurance and might. We need more Olympic competitions in science and preservation to  see how everyone on earth can make the globe the safest, healthiest most peaceful place since it is humanities only place. Ironically the globe is still an unsafe place everywhere. Terrorism is the new enemy that is in every country and wears no proud uniform to represent the reason for its hate to all.
Only the Olympics could cram in 100 major events in only 2 weeks yet there is no shortage of media coverage. It is important that every inch of the globe can witness the two weeks of peaceful competition and witness some of the finest human specimens of life on earth. Without the media we would not have press releases about the changes that happen. With their help we learned that there were changes with the executive board with seven new members and two new vice presidents. We learned that the( IOC)International Olympic Committee approved five new sports for competition in the 2020 Olympics.  They are baseball/softball, karate, skateboard and sports climbing. The Olympics are a good thing fun and fantastic for all people. A woman is to head the athletes Angela Ruggiero. She is a former ice hockey player who has played on many American teams in her past.

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