Friday, August 12, 2016

Related imageIt is time to close down Craig’s List. Yet there are laws that protect them despite they are promoting child sex. The internet sex trade is thriving thanks to sites like this. is the controversial site that has children for sex for sale. Why  aren’t they closed down? They make sex trafficking possible. No daughter says that they want to be sold for sex when they grow up. Why should they be subjected to the idea when they are still young teens? The kids are abused with having to perform hundreds of sex encounters with stupid selfish men. A lot of it would have not been made possible without the help of Why isn’t the bastard who owns this site in jail? is similar to Craig’s List in that it is a basic classified ads site. It has racy adult sections like Escort and Body Rubs. To me these places are just code for prostitution which is illegal. The majority of children that were found to be used for sex were found on They are  under investigation by the United States Senate but they seem to be moving very slowly with their investigation meanwhile there are girls running away from their homes every day getting caught up in this disgusting behavior. Pimps pick them up and offer them places to stay. Before long they have multiple acts of sex many times of the day.
A promise for shelter should not lead to rape. The pimp sleeps near the doors so they are not allowed to leave the premises. A title on the page saying well worth it and it won’t take long at all  leads to the hook-ups. Before long the children are earning $4,000 a weekend for sex. They hand over all the cash to their soon to be abusive pimp. It is a simple I agree click on the site that leads to the girls. They can be getting as many as 30 calls per hour.
If a faulty working motorcycle is advertised for sale on the site they are not held responsible for the repairs or having it working properly at the time of sale. That fight is between the buyer and seller.
We are talking about our children not about machines. Close the site down !!
If we can catch the pimps they can get about 25 years in jail for the commercial sex abuse of a minor.
 We need to work with police departments to do stings, find our children who are missing get thee girls to testify on the stand and stop this abuse. Any advertisement that mentions a younger friend is a clue for this kind of abuse. The men paying for these services should be held just as accountable as the pimp selling the little girl.
Carl Ferer is the CEO of  He own other escort service sites in other countries. He failed to testify at a Senate hearing on sex trafficking. He was charged with contempt of Congress. This is our same Congress that left on a seven week vacation on the taxpayer’s dime and never bothered to appropriate millions of dollars set aside to combat the Zika Virus that is now plaguing our country.  At least they had a unanimous vote on the sec trafficking. Meanwhile Carl is still in business. Backpage .com has refused to even disclose their policies for screening advertisements on their site.  The site must be making a lot of money selling children and not broken motorcycles.
The site has a revenue of $173 Million Dollars this year alone. They will not say what percentage of their money comes from the adult advertising. is currently fighting the contempt charge saying that it violates their First Amendment rights to free speech.
We have a National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in this country. If you find abuse happening on line. Save our kids. Report. 73% of the Center’s reports involve a post. Save our little girls and let them be what they really want to be when they grow up.    

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