Saturday, August 6, 2016

Related imageI saw a video where there were about 30 people coming from everywhere. All young in their 20’s wearing backpacks staring at their cell phones and running to the same place under a tree. What the hell? One word describes the latest mania. Pokemon. At least they were all happy, no stabbings, no shooting over a destination game. Is this what is driving our young minds? Ugh!
We have racial unrest out of control again, another terror attack in France, more fighting in Turkey. At least we have assembled and Captured Peek-a-Chew on our phones. Am I the only one that thinks this mobile Pokemon craze is just plain crazy?  It has been downloaded more times in one week than Tinder has been in all its four years of existence. Does this mean that Americans would rather catch Pokemon than have sex?
The craze is also dangerous. Senator Al Franklin said the site is collecting too much information on you. It knows someone’s e-mail address, google account, location and knows you don’t have a normal life. Is it just that people are finally capturing something on their cell phones that is not police brutality? Somehow this Pokemon Go game on your cell phone has become the most popular mobile game in history. About 15 million people have downloaded the game. It is a augmented reality game in which players battle to capture cute monsters that pop up in the real world on a user’s smartphone.
The Pokemon fever has reached such a high pitch that doctors have warned about injuries associated with the game.  The police has warned of their concerns and yes crimes have been staged and committed at locations listed in the game. It is like the robbers and thugs are just waiting for you to show up and take all your stuff or even more of a crime.  In the game participants can load up on Pokeballs. Once a user has encountered a Pokeman they can take aim by using the back-facing camera on your smartphone and throw what is known as Pokeball to catch the creature.
Gamers using the app can explore cities and towns where they live and even around the globe to capture as many of the 722 Pokemon species that exist using the back-facing camera on their phones. It is silly . It is stupid . But it is fun and you can get cought up in the drama  of it all really soon. 

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