Friday, July 22, 2016

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We are   deep in the 2016 Republican Convention where it is payback for the entire Grump family. I mean Trump family. Donald doesn’t have any friends in the   Republican  Party. So,  he made his wife and all his kids say something nice about him in the main speech’s  each night.  His wife went first on the first night and couldn’t think of much to say so she looked up Michele’s speech and tried to read that again hoping that no one would notice but we shouldn’t be too harsh with his current wife because she is victim to all his demands. Not many candidate wives even expose themselves to public scrutiny so soon.
Like watching home movies of a family you really don’t care about, it was painful to see one of his young daughters Tiffany not named after relatives but named after an expensive diamond jewelry store in New York City, who he hardly lived with and did not raise as a  child say nice things about her father. She also recently graduated college and needs a job.
Then his other sons did their part too who also are employed by Donald. I guess they need to keep their day jobs. Ted Cruz came out to denounce him to make the events very depressing so far. In essence no one elected is endorsing Donald Trump for election. The protestors are being herded seven blocks away. It reminds me of the bullying Bush era. The most important people in our government now just don’t want him. America is going to have to have a leader who can penetrate the Republican elected House and Senate to get Bills passed and things done, all the cooperation that Obama never got.

It is Donald’s ignorant brashness that has made him so popular. Can it work to penetrate the American brass of uncooperative Congressmen? We don’t know. Donald is still busy with his wall around Mexico. What did a Mexican do to him to piss him off so much? In his long speech he never mentioned just how he was going to pass legislation. . Loud whiney bullies cannot change laws. He   mentioned   bringing back coal and steel manufacturing without any environmental concept. As long as his hair still grows, we will be fine. He is such a simple soul.

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