Saturday, July 23, 2016

We are stuck in the middle of summer when the humidity really kicks in. How about we do something different to pass the time. Have you ever heard from someone that they saw someone that looks just like you?  Or have you glanced at a stranger and thought you were looking in a mirror? Well if any of this has happened you are not alone. So many people  believe that there is a double of themselves out there on the globe somewhere that there is a website dedicated to help you twinsies but not really twins find each other. 
Related imageThen the doubts kick in. Oh! This is dumb. What if my double is an evil tyrant or criminal? What if he owns a Chateau and winery in France and would love to have me there just to drink wine everyday and sleep. Ok!  Stop dreaming and just do it. With a few clicks from your mouse, you might find out something really revealing about you. 
Research says that we each have seven looks a liker's in the world.  Some people have already  traveled and met 3 or 4 of their look a liker's. Go to TWIN to find more information. There are over a million people registered to the website. They have thousands of matches of people. On the site you are bringing people together with the same facial types from all over the world. 
Once you meet yourself. Twin strangers bond together very quickly. Sometimes your twinsie will even do the same type of gestures as you do like eat the same way with a fork or spoon or brush back your hair in the same way. Is there a genetic reason for all these similarities. Some have taken DNA tests to find out. will process DNA tests for free and within a few weeks the answers are in. 
Quite often they are 100% per cent not related but they will have similar regional roots like from Europe, Asia or the Middle East.  Despite the results a newfound bond between people might grow. 

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