Sunday, July 17, 2016

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It is time to get into the Olympics again. We need to cheer our old friend Michael Phelps who at age 31 qualified to LEAD America to lots of swim medals. I guess he is competing again just to fill his checkerboard with more medals. The other   favorite to watch is our very ready and very professional women’s gymnastics team. They will be led by a 19 year old who should be able to win a medal in just about every category. Simone Biles is doing things no other gymnast has ever done. She hasn’t lost a competition in three years.  She has qualified and has won every award in the sport except an Olympic medal and that is only because she was too young the last time to enter the Olympics. At only 19 she is the three time World All-Around Champion.

Simone has earned 14 medal in the World Championships ten of which are gold. An Olympic champion trains about 32 hours per week. Bella Corella   who has coached 9 Champions is still around and attests  that Simone is among the best in Olympic history, she just has to collect her medals.  It is her time now. Simone’s biological grandparents adopted her from foster care and at a young age noticed Simone’s natural ability to flip and turn effortlessly. She has already caught the eye of corporate sponsors like Tide who has her in commercials already without having won a single medal YET.

Working in the gym 32 hours a week forced her to be home schooled and she regrets missing out on school activities and Prom or other dances; however everyone who goes to Prom doesn’t  get   three World Championship Wins. Simone is the favorite to win gold in five of the six Olympic events. She needs only three medals to be considered the most highly decorated gymnast of all time.  So if you can watch                                                          


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