Sunday, July 10, 2016

Related imageThere are people in your life you should be able to trust. Your parents, wife or children clergy and physicians and some special friends who are just like family. Doctors provide us knowledge and comfort sometimes at our darkest moments. The relationship we have is often built on trust and respect.  What do you do when you find out that that trust has been violated? If it is a relative you just don’t bother with them anymore. We saw the terrible scandals of the clergy violating the trust when they seduced young boys and then somehow just got transferred to new locations.  If your lawyer doesn’t do right by you, you just get another lawyer to sue him. What do you do if your doctor is bad news?
There have been reported increased complaints of sexual abuse by doctors. Some scandals are popping up with not just the neighborhood metafiles but with important guys with big credentials. It usually happens in a hospital room as the patient is regaining   consciousness and is sexually molested by her doctor.   It amounts to be the ultimate violation of mental and physical trust. As patients recover they remember kissing, touching and penetration of their private areas that most times have nothing to do with an examination remotely related to their original illnesses. They remember the doctor taking their own hand as he brings it to his genitals to give him pleasure. A doctor even had the nerve to say that this is how we wake you up. This type of sexual harassment was testified by thousands of patients.
Now women are coming forward telling their   abuse in public. One doctor received 24 years in   prison for assault on at least 23 women. It is happening across the country but many doctors are being protected and many other health professionals are simply looking the other way than be involved in any scandal.     A newspaper The Atlanta Journal Constitution   has been doing an at length investigation into the matter much like what was featured in the movie Spotlight about the priest investigation. They found 2,400 documented cases over the past 16 years of doctors who have sexually abused     their patients. Why have more than half ben able to keep their licenses to continue their practices?    
Carrie  Teagarden was the lead reporter from The Atlanta Journal Constitution who noticed that some offenders have even grown to further their careers despite the allegations. Dr. Neuman who lectured about ethics at Mount Sini was himself indicted for sexual abuse of 4 women and has since had his license to practice medicine revoked.     Michael Hestrin a District Attorney in California, Riverside County is currently prosecuting an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor John McGuire   with   26 counts of sexual abuse of his patients.   Many doctors get of easy. Why? Some who have pleaded guilty have only received probation and no prison. Why? Are doctors being protected ?

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