Saturday, July 16, 2016

Related imageAmerica is now in black and white. I guess killing because of color is easy. Just like in the Vietnam, Korea and even the end of World War II was easy to just kill anyone with slanty eyes.  Asians. Blacks are killing cops. We now have Black Lives Matter rallies just to propagate the ignorant hate against the people who put their lives in danger every day so that it is safe to protest. At one of these rallies 5 cops were shot. Many police forces around the country are now giving Black officers the Police Chief’s job in an effort to calm black guys and their guns down. People have the right to be angry and protest but  we cannot put justice just in black and white. That is discrimination.
Part of the reason I became a cop years ago was because I thought the hiring system was fair and just. You took a written test, passed a physical test, a psychological test and then was put on a numbered waiting list based on your grades. The ones with the best grades deservingly got the job first. Plain and simple where race or color never factored in.  Corporate jobs was full of discrimination. You got the job solely based on who you know in the corporation and not on what yu know in terms of experience or knowledge. Now race has swept into the corporate atmosphere too. The best person for any corporate job to have now is a black woman lesbian who adopted Asian children. BINGO JACKPOT in the minority discriminatory chat fest. Oh and if a white male is around he should definitely be gay or transgender. Everyone likes them too. We need to stop the race nonsense and just treat all people with respect and fairness.
The President stresses unity and non-violence in all his speeches. The right to protest must be honored but we all have the right for it to be peaceful. I understand that if you are a “normal” white American that you do not feel the amount of discrimination that a black male has to face every day however in many respects being black and male has earned the mistrust of many. Cab drivers don’t get robbed by white customers. Young girls get raped by black males, businesses’ get robbed at gun point by black males. Our prisons are full of black males. Have they earned the general public’s mistrust?
Killing cops randomly at Black Lives Matter protests will not help the situation. We must continue to remember the officers because they wake up every day dealing with discrimination against   them for simply choosing a job that they thought was a fair job. They still have the bravery to put that cop’s uniform on. The 5 cops killed just for wearing the uniform have names and families. They are :
Brent Thompson  Age 43,   Lorne Ahrens Age 48, Michael J. Smith Age 55, Patrick Zamarripa Age 32, and Michael Krol Age 40.
I understand that the bad black people make it difficult for all black people. A Black Lives Matter protest rally wouldn’t be necessary if all black people didn’t feel like they were being serotyped or racial profiled. Black people have to be extra careful to obey commands and the law. Distrust is nationwide. The only way for a black person to investigate is through their own civil litigation. How many tragedies are based on fear and not on discrimination? We all need to stop hiding behind our guns.  Only 13% of Americans are black yet they account for about 30% of problems involving police shootings. There are a lot more calls for the police to go into black communities to stop disputes so there is much more contact in some communities.

There is more crime in communities of color than there is in white communities. All of this mistrust must be factored into any altercation.  Maybe  segragation   

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