Thursday, July 7, 2016

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The pharmaceutical industry is alive and well in America. Are Americans over medicated? What about our pets? Do they need anxiety medication? In the summer months at times they get over anxious and are left home alone for more hours because we tend to spend more time outdoors and not necessarily with them. Our pets give us unconditional love anyway. Our pet could suffer too from a disorder called separation anxiety. They will let you know by digging at doors and scratching on doorsills or any place they think they can get out to be with you. Like in anxious humans there is powerful drugs out there to help your pet cope. Yes there are doggie anti-depressants available. It is like Prozac for pets.

Nearly 3 Million dogs are already on anti-anxiety medication to at least save your doors and moldings in your home. The author of a new book called Animal Madness by Laurel Braitman tells us the difference between a healthy pet and a crazy pet. It was recommended last summer as a good summer reading book. Should we be reading about our pets or just spend more time playing with our pets? There are various therapies and treatments out there to help pets cope with life. Some of them cost upwards of $5,000 dollars. Consumers nationwide are expected to spend more than $7 Billion dollars worldwide on their pet’s illnesses; more than ever before.

If your pet is unhappy for more than 55 hours with whining or howling without you they think Prozac could help according to Erica Lieberman Wittenberg the head Trainor at Pawsibilities. Do I really want to give my pet a brain altering medication? What if they turn into a wild beast wolf? According to her,yes you do want to alter their brain when the dog is going through so much fear and anxiety. Some sugar and or peanut butter helps the medicine go down and your pet could be good for even 8 hours alone if you have to .

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