Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Related imageThere are new ways for the skier to take even more chances with his life. Ok it is June so book a flight to a cold place to read this. How about the Eiger  Mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is a monster of a mountain and attracts guys who like to take chances with their lives. More than 60 climbers have frozen or fallen to their deaths. The sides of this mountain are nearly vertical slopes. A new breed of daredevils are approaching the mountain in a very different way now.  Instead of climbing up the sides they are being airlifted to the top of the mountain and choosing various ways to get down in the same run.
The mountain rises to 13,000 feet. It is too steep and rocky to simply ski down. So guys  are getting down the sides by combing 3 extreme sports They start with speed gliding. They hook small parachutes to their belts and let the wind take them down for a part of the mountain.  They  also have skis on where they finally reach some snow. They have learned to transition in and out of flight at will. Both hands and feet are busy controlling the body. Speed riding will only take him down part of the mountain. They ski off a cliff and then freefall the rest of the way. All in a no stop breathtaking ride.
Three sports in one run. Fierce winds change the conditions every day. The experienced skiers must memorize the safest path to the descent for safety. They use the speed wings for much of the way down till they reach a snowy sloop and prepare to touch land with their feet. They cut the parachute off so that it won’t slow them down. They then ski off a cliff do some back flips. It is a very scary trip. The men have become dare devils now and probably will never do straight skiing again.                                                                                   

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