Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Related imageI remember when pink wine as they call it rose was in a glass in every female’s hand. In the 70’s there used to be wine and cheese bars. Look around at your summer parties. People are going for the pink wine again. I’m telling you so you can be cool again. Wine in general is more than a drink. It is a lifestyle. That pink stuff was once considered the red headed step child of a real earthy dark wine.  But some like the pink look and the light flavor.  Rose sales are up 3.5% since only last year.  Nearly 300 million liters are consumed annually in the United States alone.
A big part of the rose market is millennial’s. They talk about the pink wine all the time .  @RoseseasMLa site that 20,000 people follow and they all snap pictures of their glass of rose wine as they tour the globe in search for the perfect rose wine. Now that is a job I would like to have.  There is a cruise line that fits 1,000 people that will taste more than 150 different rose varieties. Pierrick Bouquet is the Founder of  La Nuit En Rose that organizes these cruises. All rose wines are different in their blend and maturation process in how long the juice gets to blend with the dark grape skins to get the perfect color.
America isn’t just drinking all the rose wine but is also now the third largest exporter of rose wine. The United States is right behind France with Italy taking first place. With the pink stuff it is best to NOT go vintage. You want to taste a young wine and all pink goes well with a nice cookpot. A decent bottle of rose will cost you about $20 dollars max. So, it is all good. There is new stuff out there called Babe which is a sparkling rose in a can. I am not sure I would like any wine in a can but it does sound convenient .Davin Oliver Cohen is the Co- Founder of White Girl Rose who doesn’t think pink wine will go out of style anytime soon.    

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