Sunday, June 26, 2016

Related imageI call this blog The Other Serpico because I am not the famous Serpico who somehow managed to expose corruption in the New York City Police Department and survive. We share the same name and we were both Police Officers. I went on to being a teacher at the Police Academy before I left. He is now retired but this is not about us. I write about just about everything but I am most proud of people who fight the beast in society and somehow win. Most people do not have the courage to fight anyone at their jobs and just go along with anything just to   ensure they continue to be able to collect their pay checks. Today I write about a woman who exposed the most vile racism and vulgar porn traded among high ranking government officials. Unfortunately she is not being able to escape as a hero but is facing a scandal of her own that somehow never existed until she stepped on the toes of the big shots.
She is Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane who is the first Democrat ever elected to the position and should not have to fear  from her colleagues but from criminals. Her colleagues managed to ruin her career. She filed 383 pages of evidence of disgusting things found on her colleague’s computers.  It was a trove of e-mails made public full of racism, sexism and pornography. Did this stuff only offend her because she is a woman in an all boy’s club? The shocking part is that some of the state’s most high ranking officials were sending this trash to each other. There were a number of Judges, Prosecutor’s and in  law enforcement people who had this stuff circulating on the official state’s computer system. She should be thanked for exposing and trying to clean up this mess on government computer lines.
The pornography was not just some Playboy photos but were graphic acts of sexual violence. Marc Bookman  the Director of the Atlantic Center for Capitol Representation agrees with her that the citizens are not getting a fair shake in the courtroom if their lives are being judged by racist violent porn lovers. What happened to ethics in this country? Among  those who resigned because of the scandal two of them were Court Justices Seamus McCaffery and Michael Eakin  said they didn’t send or receive e-mails. Researchers found 5 million offensive e-mails. Even Michele and Barak Obama were viewed in offensive ways. This was not the type of battle Kathleen thought she would have to fight.
She is a middle class girl from Scranton, PA. Went to law school and became a rising star with Senator Kane in politics. She won and became the States first democratic elected Attorney General and the first woman. Do women have different ethics than men at least in politics? When she exposed the offensive e-mails the old boys club was out for blood and soon she became a target too.  She insists that the porn on state computers being viewed during state working hours between state high ranking employees is not boys just being boys it is an unacceptable insult on the state’s criminal justice system.
Suddenly there arise criminal charges against her and a request for her to resign. The Supreme Court suspended her law license. She could even serve jail time when her trial starts in August. She has been charged with perjury and criminal conspiracy for allegedly leaking grand jury information to embarrass a political rival and then lying about it under oath.  This is what happens when important people get exposed. They have at their disposal even the Supreme Court to bully up on the underdog whistle blower. She is strong and says you can indict a ham sandwich and is willing to fight and prove her innocence.
The saddest part in this mess is that she has lost her spunk to go on. She has decided not to run for office again.

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