Sunday, June 12, 2016

Related image                            Everything costs a lot to buy. We need to walk around with more cash it seems. You used to be able to buy something small for 5 or 10 bucks but not anymore. Twenty bucks might suffice. Now they are changing the faces on our currency. Andrew Jackson the guy from the Caribbean who suggested to the founding fathers that we should have Banks in this country is now getting his portrait tossed for a woman.  The fact that he is the closest guy of color to have a hit Broadway show and had remarkable influence in shaping this country didn’t help him keep his status on the 20 dollar bill that we all use too often.
He will be replaced by a black slave woman later changed abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Maybe these are the years to celebrate women in our country again. Last week Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the support of a major political party running for President Over the years not all of our currency has stayed current.  We have cash that is no longer being printed but it is still as good as gold if you can get any of the bills. We have the 500 dollar bill that should be used more now. President William McKinley is on the 1,000 one.  Madison is on the 5,000 bill. A guy named Chase is on the 10,000 bill who was also the Treasurer under Abraham Lincoln.
Lastly is the 100,000 dollar bill that has President Woodrow Wilson’s face on it. It is the largest note ever printed by the United States. It has only been used by federal Reserve Banks. They made 10 MILLION OF THEM. So America has money and lots of it and we are spending more cash everyday even though spending money on your phone   requires no currency and is becoming more popular daily.

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