Saturday, June 11, 2016

Image result for donald trumpDonald Trump has finally revealed some real information about his life and it is incredible. Incredibly insane. He always mentions that he will sue anyone who disagrees with him on just about any subject but we never knew just how often he does sue people. A new report from USA Today found out that Trump and his businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 law suits over the past three decades. That has been never heard of   for a Precedential nominee. To put that amount of discourse in prospective let’s think of each suit as a TV show. That amount of litigation would represent:
All 456 episodes of the original Law   & Order
All 389 episodes of Law & Order Special Victims Unit
All 195 episodes of Law & Order Criminal Intent
All 22 episodes of Law & Order Los Angeles
All 168 episodes of The Practice
All 112 episodes of Ally McBeal
All 101 e3pisodes of Boston Legal
All 193 episodes of Night Court
All 158 episodes of The Good Wife
All 195 episodes of Matlock
All 227 episodes of JAG
All 271 episodes of Perry Mason
All 138 episodes of Judging Amy
All 67 episodes of The Guardian
All 69 episodes of The Public Defender
All 34 episodes of Harry’s Law
All 9 episodes of Courthouse
All 76 episodes of Suits
All 68 episodes of Family Law
All 22 episodes of Sweet Justice
All 15 episodes of the District Attorney
All 4 episodes of the 2004 District Attorney
All 44 episodes of Reasonable Doubts
All 59 episodes of Damages
All 38 episodes of SHARK

All 18 episodes of the Defenders
All 58 episodes of The Paper Chase
All 2 episodes of Head Cases
All 50 episodes of Judd for the Defense
And all 3 episodes of First Years and after all that we are still missing one l law suit to compare Trump’s legal career to. Now he complains about the Judges in the litigations against him. Donald hates Mexican heritage Judges too. Yes, now he feels that people are unfit to do their jobs because of their etnic backgrounds. Imagine what he has planned for us as a nation!

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