Monday, June 13, 2016

Related imageToday is rant and rave day. I have written in the past about the dangers to all who send their 18 year olds off to colleges for advanced degrees. Well in the news is yet just another tragedy to all. The stupid boy rapes the drunken girl in plain sight and tries to get away with it. He is a swimming champion the college would have liked to be p0roud of. She never expected to be treated like dirt from others who could have stopped her drinking and definitely stopped the violence. Then there is the idiot father of the rapist who says that the kid should not have his life ruined for ‘20 minutes of action.” Rape is a crime nit action. Then the crooked judge gives the rapist only a 6 months sentence. There is so much wrong everywhere you just don’t know where to start punishing who. The College should be sued too.
Moving on in the news is now the worst disaster in America with assault weapons now with 50 people killed by an ISIS Muslim nut because gay people went to the place to have fun. I have also written in the past about how dangerous these weapons are in society and that they were built for the sole purpose of a war. I have written about how miss-guided these new Muslims are in the dangerous and not peaceful interpretation of the Koran. The killer was an American citizen. I have written about how we must have their internet movement to keep track of dangerous killers in our society simply because they don’t believe in our freedoms anymore.
The Tony Awards were dominated by a new rap artist and his musical about the life of Hamilton. The entire Broadway community  gave tribute to the victims of the ISIS attack in Orlando by wearing silver ribbons. We have so many ribbons to  wear for solidarity to many causes that we have run out of colors for ribbons. We could cover our entire bodies in ribbons.  We need solid solutions to the causes not ribbons. The cast of Hamilton performed at the Tony’s without their guns. If you don’t think you can now see shows on Broadway with 2 hours of rap music, just go to the very last song performed at the end of the Tony show where the cast of talented singers and dancers from Hamilton sings a pretty normal touching song that will make you feel some tolerance and less anger with current news.
My millennium children do not want to watch the news because there is never any good news. They are correct. I want to know why there are not and cool car commercials or food and beer stuff advertised during the news. There is only depressing advertisements from pharmaceutical companies wanting you to tell your doctor that you see all the time to prescribe some new miracle drug. An entire song can be heard as the list the worst side effects ever while taking their drugs. I wrote in the past how the drug lobbyists received a green light from Congress to sell to Americans any crap they can produce.
There. I ranted and raved. Feel better. Sorry. This life is exhausting but we must be grateful that we have spent another day escaping death from the hands of idiots.

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