Monday, May 30, 2016

Related imageInstead of protesting each other at election gathering, Americans need Congressional reform. We need accountability for the folks that represent our states and how much work they actually do for us in their well- paid job. The American public has a low opinion of Congress. We have witnessed how bill after bill was shot down from President Obama. The only things they investigate are for political gain and party platforms. Only 14% of Americans think Congress is doing a good job.  The only thing Congress has accomplished is in raising money to further their individual political aspirations. They raised more than a Billion dollars for their 2014 election. Then never stop trying to raise money. Nearly every day they spend hours on the phone asking supporters to donate money to their individual political campaigns. If you are not already a supporter they will spend the time trying to get you to join their club.
These are hours spent away from the job they were elected to do.  It all went sour for us since a Supreme Court decision was decided in 2010 called Citizens United that allowed corporations, unions, anyone with money to donate to an individual political campaign. Since then members of Congress have been dialing for dollars filling their pockets with money for their political futures and the needs of this country are on the back burner. It costs millions of dollars to get elected today. Many candidate drop out of elections simply because they ran out of money not because of a lack of interest. As a first time elected Congressman they are told to raise $18,000 per day for their re-election campaigns.
They must cold call a list of people that fund raisers give them. Since when do fund raisers dictate the day of a Congressman? There are actually scripts for calls. The National Republican Congressional Committee has a distributed script to be used by its members. One of their recent dinners raised $20 million dollars. We need these people to vote on municipal bonds and laws to repair our water systems that are now killing people from old lead filled pipes. We need congress to spend time on our outdated prison laws that vary so much from state to state. We need congress to put a lid on assault weapons for sport so innocent people are not killed in rapid fire at home by some mentally disturbed person. We need congress to get the mentally disabled out of prison and put in institution being cared for by trained professionals in the field of mental health and not incarceration.  No. Congress raises money simply for their re-election campaigns. UGH!
The House scheduling is arranged around fundraising phone call time. This is why wise asses like Donald Trump is gaining in popularity because the American people are fed up with it all.  His independently wealth talk intrigues us and we have hope that he can even shake up this old boys club of elected officials that never seem to go away. The only thing both the Republican and Democratic parties are united in is their fund raising tactics. Both parties are required to fund raise for themselves as well as provide money for their parties. No photographs exist of their fund raising offices which is located near their elected offices. Fund raising offices are being paid for by the party funds.
The dignity of the title they hold as Congressman is faltered by becoming a stooge for a private club. It is shameful and is not the job we as citizens elected these people to do. They all get paid pretty well out of our tax payer money.  Since the Supreme Court Decision of Citizen’s United, Congress has been the most UN productive office ever in recent history.


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