Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It is wedding season again and much is changing. We have gone high tech in many ways but it is comforting to know that love and commitment is still the same as always. Hopefully. What has changed is in how technology has seeped into many aspects of the preparation for the perfect wedding. There will always be the obnoxious couple that can’t just find extreme pleasure in wanting to be together forever. Those are the types that will say their vows while jumping out of aero planes or in scuba equipment saying vows under the sea. Las Vegas last minute vows are still popular but at least these couples are on the same page.
I am talking about a traditional ceremony just taken up a notch. You can still have something old and something new but how about something new like drones flying in the air for the perfect movie shoot of everyone. This is especially great for that outdoor wedding in perfect weather of course. The drone photography looks like a plane just landed for your event. The zooming and 360 degree pictures add a new dimension and flare to your keepsake photo memories.  To keep everyone happy offer selfie sticks for everyone at the tables. Offer smartphone charging stations need the tables of your guests.
Technology can actually make your day even more personal. There is a place called 3D in Soho New York that specialize in making your wedding more personal. They use 3D printers to make personalized wedding cake toppers. Yes, you pose for a picture and the printer will make a replica plastic toy of YOU. Pose in any way you want it will be reproduced. The 3D printer scanner takes their image from every angle.    Park Avenue Photography are experts in using drones to give you a new prospective on the wedding video.  Now even your wedding dress can go high tech.
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All women have their favorite shirt or skirt or even knows what type of style looks best on her. So, why not design your own personal wedding dress? There is an app out there that will in a matter of minutes help you to design the perfect dress just for you. The technology helps you think when you want to think like at midnight after your long day and you finally get to unwind and in your pj’s just go to your computer and organize the perfect different hi- tech wedding. All these new suggestions do come at a price but we all know that money doesn’t really matter once for a special day like your wedding.
The 3D replica of the couple on that cake topper can cost over $400 but you do get to keep the thing. Drone photography can cost about an additional $800 but who else can have aerial footage of their event? Schoenfeld’s App dresses can cost above $5,000 for that perfect one of a kind wedding gown. There are still plenty of free sites out there to help you keep to a budget. WeddingHappy is a site that will help you track all the many different tasks you will have to do for the wedding day. It will ask you to put in the wedding date and throughout the many months ahead it will ask you if you’ve done invitations yet? It will alert you of tasks and notifications and reminders are great to keep you on record.

If you have a sick important relative who can’t attend the wedding or people that live just too far away and can’t join you, there is live streaming where thee live video of the event can bring your wedding to that hospital bed or remote location through your computers. A new modern affair can still have that fairy tale lovely ending.   

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