Sunday, May 29, 2016

Could Donald Trump be right? Do we need a wall at the border? It seems that parts of Mexico are completely run by gangs. The town police are in direct communication with gang leaders and ask them to slow up the violence. The gangs are clearly in charge in El Salvador. The violence there has provoked an illegal flood of immigrant to the United States that fear for their lives there.  Young men are seeking a better life in the United States. We have tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors seeking a new life in America. Often the kids are targeted by the very same gangs but only now in Los Angelis.  The main gangs are called MS13 and Bario 18. They have tentacles all over the United States.  They are engaging in drug dealing, prostitution and extortion and sending the proceeds back to their leaders in El  Salvador.
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When the gang members find out that a boy as young as in his teens gets to America they hunt down his parents and sisters and brothers and kill them. The teens come here as young as 13 years old hoping for a new safer life. Their very survival may hinge on being granted asylum in the United States. The answer is to help the Mexican government curb the illegal drug trafficking and the gangs that control the cities. Anyone needs to feel safe in their country. If American troops are necessary to control the gangs in Mexico then bring them on. Anyone needs to feel safe in their country. Spending money on teaching people to survive without violence or illegal trading of harmful substances is more important than spending money on a wall.

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