Friday, May 27, 2016

Related imageEven religious colleges have a rape problem. Sexual assaults is a problem found at colleges all over the country. Many private colleges have an honor code that complicates things even more. The local people call it happy valley which is the home of Brigham   Young University a Mormon based religious place. The women are not happy there. The Mormon religion holds a women’s Chasity or virginity an important factor before marriage. When they are brutally assaulted and raped the women are not only physically violated but spiritually they are led to believe that they have also failed their religious beliefs as well. The mental assault is equally damaging to a woman. Meanwhile she is the victim in all this.

The women are afraid of everyone including the police. The fear   of being “found out” is almost as horrible as the crime.  They don’t want to be found out in particular to the universities’ honor code. Their code of ethics is very different to what is the reality of on campus activities.  Violation of the strict Mormon based rules governing Brigham Young University can get you expelled but should these rules apply to a woman who  has  been brutally violated? The rules outlined are modest dress, no caffeine no alcohol, no porn and no premarital sex.  They need to add to these rules no rape and get all those dick waving boys expelled immediately!!! 
These raping cowards are using the “honor code “   against the girls telling them that they will be expelled as well if they reveal what has happened to them.  Should the school’s honor code be shaming girls into silence? Even if a rape is reported it represents less than 40%   per cent of the rapes on campus.  If the girls come forward and be tested they will be able to find the serial   rapists. If the girls report then they can get help emotionally and physically.  The school needs to have an honor code amnesty clause for girls with proof of rape. 

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