Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Related imageThe government needs to get involved with our wellbeing. The issue of assault rifles being available to the  general public has to stop. They were made for combat in wars and not for just anyone with proper paperwork to own or use. We keep track of individual raw diamonds better than the way we keep track of lethal weapons out there. The AR15 was designed as a killing machine for the United States Army.  It is killing devices that people just want to own but do not need for any sport. It has also become one of the more popular guns that people want to own.  These people claim to want to own this gun to hunt or compete in target shooting but this gun has been used for the mass shootings that have killed innocent people around this country.
America’s gun industry has successfully marketed its deadliest product. The AR15 has been the standard rifle for all United States troops. For years we only got to see them was in the movies. Over the years, things have changed. The same gun with some modifications is being used and sold as sports rifles. More than 12 million of them have been sold. This means that more Americans have been using the gun to shoot targets and hunt game. They like the gun because it is unlike any other gun out there. It is very fast on the trigger. Very portable and deadly accurate on the hunt. It is light weight with a low recoil. It is easy to run around with and is not your father’s sporting rifle. For generations a simple rifle was the family gun. The assault rifle is also attracting the sick killers of our nation.
This gun is now the choice of America’s mass murderers. 12 people were dead at the movie theater disaster in Colorado and 14 dead by the terrorist attack in California. 10 were killed by the Washington D.C. snipers. 26 dead in a school in Newtown, Connecticut. All these massacres are being done all over the country by America’s now most popular sporting gun. Remember this gun was designed for one purpose. It is not a sporting gun. It was designed to kill people in a war.  The gun is designed to kill the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. Jim Sullivan helped design the gun and was thought of back in the 1950’s when the United States needed to compete with the most notorious machine gun at the time, the Soviet made AK 47.
The Americans made this gun and was used in Vietnam. Then it was called the M16 and anything in its way was fatal.  Even if you were hit in the ankle you could die from the injury. The secret to its lethal success is the speed at which the bullet leaves the chamber. Then the type of bullet doesn’t just go through the victim. It will tear you up. It is impossible to stop the bleeding because you will   blead from multiple places from just one bullet.  The bullet is designed to hit and then tumble. The gun was so well engineered to kill that here we are, 60 years later, it remains a state of the art weapon. Today virtually every army in the world is using the same rifle. This doesn’t surprise Sullivan but what does surprise him is that the gun industry is making the gun available as a sporting good.
There is no good from this gun being used anywhere but in combat. Congress get your act together and write the laws to restrict the availability of this human killing machine to the general public.         

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