Sunday, April 17, 2016

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Leave the Chinese people alone. Let them live anyway they want. There has been such a rbuilding boom in China that now it looks like a theme park. The  government tells the Chinese people why visit Europe and America when we can create the places in China? And they have.  There are now entire cities in China designed to look like Paris, Venice, London and even Jackson Hole Wyoming. The Chinese people don’t want to live there. In one city the trees had clothes hanging from the limbs. All the common people want is a simple vegetable garden to tend to and a clothesline to air dry their clothes. They enjoy the simple life that they have had for generations.
  1. The Chinese people have been obedient letting the government tell them how many children they can have and trying to produce the most hard working people to be excellent musicians to top contending athletes. They work hard at their tasks. Must they be forced to live in European replica cities? They have even recreated the Eiffel Tower. Picturesque fountains and spacious public squares representing Europe is the style now. The people feel like they live in a strange place and not at home. The developers copied so much about the west that they forgot to include the Chinese traditional life. They forgot the law of supply and demand and built too many new cities with multiple housing that the average Chinese citizen can’t afford to live in.
    It has affected stock markets world-wide. These picturesque towns are ghost towns with not enough people living in them. The streets are empty and the stores are vacant. Those who do have apartments there have the best apartments with the best views. Even if these cities are undervalued now, they are built well and are considered as designer logos. People say they did all this as a statement about a long generation against Communism where the Chinese people were not allowed to see the beautiful places outside China. Mow China has built the beautiful places in their backyards.
    If you want to get away from China in China, just drive outside Beijing past the Great Wall into the hills and there you will find Wyoming. A replica of Jackson Hole complete with cowboys and Route 66 that doesn’t actually go through Wyoming but they are trying to do something there.  They even make fake snow at times. Some homes go for 2 million dollars because they are only about an hour away from polluted China cities and the Capitol.
    In the suburbs of Shanghai they created a refined city called Thames town as in the Thames river of London. It is more like a British Theme Park with Harry Potter statues and Winston Churchill remembered. Most of the people don’t even know who they are. There is the red phone booths and security guards dressed in the full red British uniform. Most people go there just for wedding pictures. One thing for sure, if you go to China and get sick for your hometown, you can now probably find it there somewhere.  

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