Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why are all our buildings boxes and then we work in rooms in smaller boxes? When I go on vacation I love to visit buildings that look like cathedrals or pyramids or ancient buildings ornate with all kinds of gargoyles and embellishments.  Some are real  works of art. Anything new looks really boring until this guy emerged. He is Bjarke  Ingels a guy who is 41 years old and looks and acts like he is 21. He is a Danish Architect who has been commissioned all over the world to create new buildings for some very important places including finishing the 911 Memorial Site in New York City. He and his group of workers have designed everything from skyscrapers to a NFL Stadium.
The best part is that his designs can be anything but boring. He currently has some 60 major projects in the works. He is creating a complex of buildings for Google in Silicon Valley, the Lego Building, the new Redskins Stadium designed with a moat filled with water so fans can kayak around the structure for fun. He has a state of the art power plant with a ski slope built on top for fun. Most towns try to hide their recycling plants, he is proud to display the new clean structure. There is a apartment building on West 57th street in Manhattan that looks like a sailboat facing the water. A 3 Billion dollar complex built in the Hudson Yards. No wonder he won various design competitions. He makes sure that he has the best idea that wins.
He is also a master at marketing and selling his ideas. He has a thick skin to tolerate the praise along with the criticism. He is famous in Copenhagen. The city is never complete. He was chosen to complete 2 World Trade Center that will look like the building is growing out from the earth. Norman Foster was originally chosen to create a design for 2 World Trade but this new guy has changed things up. This guy realizes that after he builds something different, the structure belongs to everyone to enjoy. New York has probably the most watched skyline in the world. He gets it right and does not create a boring box.  

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