Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Related imageIt is baseball season again. The time of the year when all fathers can bond with their sons and throw a few on the dirt path. A time of the year where you can enjoy a Yankee Game with the boys and just enjoy spring afternoons at the stadium. Wrong. This season is proving that the Yankee organization is the most elitist bunch of greedy bastards in baseball! This is a team who blew $280 million dollars on A-Rod who is also a pompous bastard. The Yankees have now what they call a Legends Club for Elite Members. So me and my boys are not elite enough for the Yankees?
This Club is just as obnoxious as you would expect. The Legends Club is the first 5 rows of the stadium. So a club member automatically gets the best seats in the house. They don’t get the paper wrapped hot dog thrown at them from the aisle. No, Club members get leather seating, 5 star dining service, a concierge team of employees at your beck and call and a private suite entrance. You also get priority lobby access. No lines to wait on. Yes, the rich and famous get to enter the arena first with their favorite beverage and choice of food waiting for them. Do they have Cracker Jacks in the Legends Club? They need to add a few more versus to the classic song, Take Me Out to the Ball Game since things and priorities have changed.
The worst part is that often you will see these special seats often go empty during a game because the rich and famous don’t even bother to attend the games they have seats for. What a waste.

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