Saturday, February 6, 2016

Related imageWhile Americans are fighting with each other their right to own guns and possibly kill each other, our national debt to China rises every day and now China is robbing us by stealing our technological secrets. The main thing America still had going for ourselves was our talent. We produced people like Steve Jobs whose Apple inventions changed the world. Google and Facebook are American inventions that changed the world and our Movies earn billions of dollars world- wide. China is so jealous of our accomplishments they feel they must spy and steal our technological achievements now in the energy sector.
China has an army of spies not to steal military secrets but our knowledge. America’s trade secrets and intellectual property is easily stolen. Some call it the great brain robbery of America. The Justice Department says the scale of China’s corporate espionage is so vast it constitutes a national security emergency. While we fight over the rights to kill each other, China has stolen and sneaked its way into every sector of our economy. This is costing American companies hundreds of billions of dollars in losses and more than 2 million jobs. They are targeting our private companies in an unfair fight. A private business can’t compete against the resources of the second largest economy in the world.
Economic espionage is a serious threat to our national security. Our economy works on its ability to innovate. China is using its intelligence status to steal our trade secrets every day. Instead of being competitive with our industries they use their might to steal information out of our company computers. All you have to do is look at the economic plans published periodically by the Chinese power bureau. We see intrusion by China into America companies. Thousands of American companies have had trade secrets stolen off their computers. Many American companies hide it when they have been robbed because they still do commerce with China.
Our company called American Superconductor is an example of an American company that spent year’s  and  millions of dollars developing advanced computer software for wind turbines. China stole his programs to run the windmills and he had to fire 600 out of 900 employees. Without the programs his company became worthless. He lost over a billion dollars in revenue and his factory floor is silent. China passed a clean energy law in 2005 and suddenly was calling for mega wind farms selected around the country. Suddenly China became the hottest wind power country in the world. American Superconductor partnered with a small  company called Sinovel  that was partly owned by the government. Sinovel made the skeletons of the turbines and the American technology was to make the computer codes to run the systems.

Thus business deal was to serve the entire country. China was already notorious for poaching American property. American Superconductor even had encrypted protocol in place so they could not steal their programs. Eventually an insider employee was bribed with money and women and he gave the Chinese all the company secrets they wanted. This is not uncommon and China is raping American companies daily of our knowledge and of our cash. Currently China has cornered the solar industry. Americans get paid now to install solar panels made in China. Steel is mostly made in China and our national debt is owned by China. 

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