Saturday, January 30, 2016

The holidays are long over but are you still in the giving mood? Do you want to donate to a good cause or something? Or are you so desperate for money you are willing to sit on the curb shaking a can of change for cash? You don’t have to do any of that.  Just go to your computer and find a great reputable site called go fund me. It is a great place where you can make an emotional plea for assistance from the comfort of your home or local library if you think you can be a fraud and lie about your heartbreaking broke ass problems.
Related imageI like this site because they are reputable. Just about anything on the internet has no internal policing and if found to be a fraud, the site simply disappears and your money is gone. Only the good sites that wish to remain in business tend to follow up on donations and see that transaction go smoothly to real people. The fake illness fraud rate is up to $800million dollars a year according to the FBI. Taryn Harper Wright is a Blogger with the Warrior Eli Hoax Group who has personally uncovered fraudulent cases especially when people post fake pictures of family members or not being hooked up to the proper medical devices for your serious illness.   
Quite often people lie about or inflate disastrous illnesses on line. Dr. Marc D. Feldman a Professor of Psychiatry from the University of Alabama said that people do this because they like the attention and sympathy they get even more than the funding. The frauds usually give themselves away by not describing their problems in a believable way. Some don’t even indicate the medical term for their illness, don’t realize that if they are covered by Medicare some procedures are fully paid for and if they constantly whine for money that is a fraudulent red flag.

As soon as go fund me  realizes there is a fraudulent plea going on they will immediately terminate the campaign and refund the money back to each donor.  This is such a nice feature of the site especially when we live in a world full of rip offs. The site declares that,  “ We remove any accounts that we deem to be fraudulent, ban the campaign organizer from our site , and work actively with law enforcement to help them prosecute criminal activity.”   This place is a good place to visit if you wish to donate money directly to a person or cause. It is trustworthy. If you are in great need for funds and have tried all other sources, this might be the place to help you out. 

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