Sunday, February 7, 2016

Related imageIt is Super bowl Sunday again. A day celebrated every year by Americans watching grown men charge and crash into each other causing concussions and other physical sometimes life altering injuries over the possession of a football. Even the term for the sport is confusing to anyone from other parts of the world since what they call football is what we call soccer here. The National Football League is corrupt and has managed to thrive under the laws describing a League and thus not paying taxes. The League contributes no money to the towns they trash each year attracting hundreds of thousands of fans who attend the games, get drunk, filthy up the streets and create havoc for a weekend wherever the games are held in a year. They don’t even pay their sexy cheerleaders a decent wage, but yet we all love Super bowl Sunday.
The proper name for all these festivities is Super bowl 50 played in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara California and is the fight of the Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers to decide the Championship game of the National Football League. I am waiting for events like these to be played in places called Viagra Stadium with erect penises decorating the venue. I liked it better when stadiums were named after historical figures rather than jean companies or giants of commerce. That only reminds me how much more I must have paid for my Levi jeans in order for the company to afford to buy an entire stadium and name it after themselves.
The fans are pumped up and the players are pumped up and hopefully the balls will be pumped up for the game too. The event gives ordinary people the right to act crazy in an effort to cheer a team along. There is a guy who hauls a giant pizza oven to the parking lot for each home game. People pay a fortune to get tickets to a game. Hotels will overcharge for rooms in the city gams are being held. All of a sudden everyone eats wings and chilly a football meal staple. Bars are overcrowded with drunken souls[cs1] .  58% of Americans say that football is still their favorite sport. Why do we have so many die- hard fans? A die-hard fan will spend for hours prior to any game in the parking lot drinking and making some kind of food.  Some will even bring a raw bar to enjoy in the freezing temperatures of oysters, lobster and shrimp
What makes normal boring people turn into tribal animals when it comes to a football game? Is it part of our value system where we need to follow others in a tribe? Sports bring team colors, warriors, songs and a history and tradition that has been going on now for 50 years in the National Football League.  Rooting for the winning team can affect you physically and emotionally. Scientists have proved that testosterone rises when the couch potato’s team is winning.   All these changes affect your mood too. Women know to keep a safe distance away from their man during an exciting game.  Last year the New England Patriots won the Super bowl again which was their 4th win since 2002. People are still charged up in New England meanwhile some 300 miles south of New England in Lincoln Financial field where the Philadelphia Eagles play the grounds are silent. In the past 50 years the Eagles have made it to the Super bowl only twice and they lost both times. So, no testosterone flowing in Philadelphia.
Yet they have their fans too. It is more like an abusive relationship that will start with hope and end in sadness when the Eagles ultimately   loose. Depression is the effect. Sports fan depression can make you lose your appetite and physically harm you. So just have fun and don’t take anything too seriously ,

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