Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Indian Rural Areas and Life Opportunities (Mix)
Life in rural India is a peaceful life and actually safer for young women than living in large cities. At least women are respected more in rural areas simply because everyone knows each other. Life is primitive since it is based on survival.  The people farm to eat and the   milk   consumed   is from their own cows or they must buy milk from someone else who owns a cow. Sanitation is poor and people will defecate in the streets. Usually there are no schools or hospitals. Choices are limited with maybe one grocery store to choose goods to buy from.  There is no modern technology like computers or the internet. Electricity is used for fans and refrigerators and televisions. Child marriages are arranged and usually is dependent on how large a dowry is available from the family.  
Life opportunities are restricted but you can live a peaceful happy life in rural areas as long as you don’t strive for much in life. Rural people in Bihar seem to have many expectations from the government but not much hope of getting these expectations fulfilled. Electricity in rural areas is poor. They hardly get more than 2-3 hours supply per day and is at lower voltages and not on a regular basis. Farming is at a poor rate since diesel fuel is scarce for tractors if one can even afford a tractor. So, farming is totally dependent on human labor. In the villages there is discrimination between the Dalits and the Muslims. Most villages are 80% Muslim and they do not let the Dalits live with them.
Related imageToilets are not found in most houses.  Women relieve themselves in the streets. Schools might have toilets but they do not function well. No one even seems to care about privacy. Doors are not secured to toilet areas. The most powerful people are the shop owners in the villages followed by the farm owners.  The labors are the most hard working people and sometimes get paid in food that they eat for lunch so they actually own and have nothing. Food choices in villages are not much but the food is fresh and therefore much healthier than some food found in large cities. The environment in the villages is healthy unless you get sick then you have to get care in a city hospital meanwhile living in the city is not a healthy environment but the hospitals are there.
You can farm and live in the villages but the main sources for income can only be made in the cities. There is little opportunity for careers to village teens. Either farm or nothing else is available to do. One must move to a large city if looking for an occupation other than farming. There is little or no public transportation for villagers. Either own and use your own car or don’t really go anywhere. In the cities there is too little time to do many things. In the villages there is too much time to do not many things.  

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