Thursday, February 11, 2016

He is a polish Jew from Brooklyn, New York that is now the current favorite among old and young people to become our next President. He looks like anyone’s kind grandpa but makes a lot of sense when he talks. My concern is how is he going to fix all that he says must change? Obama ran his second term talking about change but he still hasn’t been able to change things to everyone’s liking. He likes to call himself a political revolution. Bernie Sanders is a 72 year old Junior Senator from Vermont. His campaign raised 3 Million dollars in just 24 hours after the Iowa vote. He got most of his money from   private donors who made a small investment of about $30 towards his campaign funds.
Related imageThis unlikely candidate is taking on Hillary Clinton with all her expertise and is winning so far. He won the New Hampshire Primary.   He is also the ONLY Democratic Socialist in Congress. A year ago he wasn’t even sure that he would run for office and knew that it would be a long way to be a major contender. He should be wearing the green Robin Hood tights as he continually rants about that it is time that Wall Street bailed the Middle Class out of their financial troubles. He rants about the top One Percent owning all the money in the country and how they should be taxed. He wants to give us all free college educations, free health care for all Americans, wants to break up the big banks and raise the minimum wage all funded by raising the taxes on the rich and wealthy corporations. What poor slob wouldn’t vote for Bernie?

He is the voice for the poor and he started his campaign poor with no super pact financing his campaign. He has every poor person donating their spare change to his campaign. He has acquired 3.25 Million individual contributions. He plays Simon & Garfunkel songs and perks up the old people from the Woodstock generation and takes the attention like all kind Grandparents do of the young voters who already are sinking in a lot of debt. He out polls Clinton fans under the age of 30 by nearly 4-1.  He is a kind fellow refusing to make personal attacks against any opponent. That alone is so refreshing.  Ok he is the senator from a neighboring state to New Hampshire and was expected to win. I want to know who his choice for vice-president is as soon as possible just in case he gets any health problems. 

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