Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beauty Parlor and makeup for women in your culture. (Entertainment)
The world is shrinking due to increased travel capabilities by car, rail, air and boat. In a matter of hours you can be completely immersed in another land filled with culture and customs and when they are very different from all you have known, there can be conflict or intrigue. Not so much with men but with the way women dress and take care of their faces. In some cultures women work just as hard as the men in farms so their faces look weathered with age due to years of being out in the sun all day every day.  Some cultures demand that their women never be seen. They cover them from head to toe with fabric and only spaces for their eyes so they can see where they are going. In the American culture we embrace people from all over the world and accept just about anyone as long as they are good to other people.
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There are many institutions in America that concentrate on beauty. Beauty products are big business and women spend a lot of money supporting the business of beauty. We are proud to show off our older women like Jane Fonda and Christie Brinkley who look 40 years younger than their real age. They spend the time and money to look beautiful always for themselves and for others to enjoy who the see.  Most American women rich or poor do some ritual to try to keep their skin soft and void of wrinkles. If they do have smile lines it is from years of joy and smiles. American men love to show off their beautiful wives and daughters. It is a part of our culture that is wanted and enjoyed be all.
Beauty is also associated with good health.  A healthy body is a happy person and will naturally have good skin and muscle tone due to the great foods we eat and rituals and creams we plaster on our skin to keep it looking youthful at all times.  In any culture no matter what, no one can compete with the beauty of a young beautiful girl. They are simply born for all to see and wish for that eternal beauty.  However, the fact remains that we all get old, weather and soon die. No beauty regime or amount of money or cream developed in a test tube somewhere can change the aging process or ultimate death so we must enjoy the beauty of a woman while we still can see her clearly, touch her soft skin and enjoy her happy smile.
Companies like Avon, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon,  Cindy Crawford Skin Care and  Estee Lauder represent some of the giants in American beauty care products.  Many are now going back to simpler more natural to maintain a good healthy beautiful appearance. Body care brands are including numerous Fair Trade Ingrediences in their products.  Fair Trade Ingrediences such as Shea   butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, honey. Sugar and plant extracts. We just love a natural beautiful woman at any age.

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