Thursday, December 31, 2015

Related imageHAPPY!!!!! Try to be it. Today is the one time of the year that the world is united in sentiment. The one day where there are celebrations with fireworks and public displays of love, happiness and unity. It is a brief pause from hatred, war and religious beliefs just to be happy. I love it. Try it tonight when that critical moment happens when everyone worldwide in their prospective time zones counts off the final seconds of this year to look forward to a clean slate into the next year. Be grateful that you are still alive and well enough to enjoy that moment and hug and kiss someone you love or even just someone near you. Just do it. What can be wrong with a random act of kindness and raw emotional love?
There are those to pay their respects to the recent past and all the senseless killing on our city streets by frustrated cops and arrogant gun wielding kids, in our homes by broken marriages and sick drug filled kids. In cities forcing people to leave their homes for no reason and become a refugee in another land far away from their language and traditions. TV shows show a memorial to all the famous that have died as a final tribute to all the joy they have given us in the entertainment field. Then we reflect on all the people we knew who died this past year. We pour a stiff drink and take a toast to the memory of whoever we thought were great people or pets. We mourned their death when it shockingly happened and   this time we get to reflect on all the positive memories.  
I think this year we need to reflect on the lives of the people who are still living who are doing  extra ordinary things to make our lives better. Let’s talk about the amazing doctor from Haiti who just split conjoined twins from Haiti to help those babies lead a better life. Doctor Henri Ford is the Chief of Surgery at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. He was born in Haiti, raised in Brooklyn New York educated in the United States and is now sharing his wealth of knowledge with the poor people of Haiti making their lives better.  The earthquake is reuniting him with his heritage. Although the earthquake has happened five years age he has returned at least 20 times to assist in the medical needs of the people there.
We need to celebrate the great lives we have in our hands to shake while they are living and performing great things for humanity. We need to celebrate all the new immigrants that flock to great countries who desperately want to contribute to a peaceful progressive society and not build barriers to their compassionate pleas for productive lives. Celebrate tonight all the good that life gives to all of us every day. Tell the people you love how happy they make you. Enjoy!                                                                                                                        

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