Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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10 companies that are going global in your country (International)
10 companies that are going global are:
1.       Viglink in a world that is shrinking as more and more companies expand to go global is expanding. This company has raised $18 million dollars in series C financing to expand to the United Kingdom. It is an internet company that specializes in enabling advertising links directly into content.
2.       Duetto is a company that develops profit optimizing software for hotels and casinos or resorts. Duetto recently developed a headquarters in an Asia-Pacific location in Singapore.  Duetto said it eventually wants to expand to growth in China, Japan, Australia and India.
3.       New Relic is expanding to Dublin. They are a big data software company. They expanded to Dublin because labor and real estate is cheaper there to obtain than in other countries.
4.       DocuSign is moving its company expansion to Japan. It is an electronic signature company that raised $30 million dollars from investors for the expansion.
5.       Point of Care Medical Companies (POC) are expanding to India and China. The company specializes in medical testing that is a growth area by about 11% in those countries.
6.       StartupGrind is expanding to Mexico. It is another computer tech company that is already a global presence and expects to be in every country of the world.
7.       Starbucks went global to France and did not do well since the French people prefer a strong espresso coffee. They allowed smoking in their coffee houses and became more popular.
8.       An office furniture instillation by Herman Miller for Monsanto in India. Rather than cubicles a new configuration of office furniture was better and the people of India worked better with the new furniture.
9.       IBM International Business Machines continues to expand globally and spread the American business machines technology worldwide.
10.   Google continues to enter all places on earth mapping out locations and points of interests.
Most of all companies from the United States are expanding globally to expand the American mentality as it pertains to business. America has an expectation from its workers. The effective use of time is a virtue in America. Youth and vitality are prized and a good entrepreneur is respected in America more than older pre-existing wealth. Young entrepreneurs like Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the co-founders of Google, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook get prime attention as to their focus and ideas. We learned a lot from the young founders of Apple to let their creativity fly and fund their at first thought of wacky projects that have since proved to be a source of respect and great wealth for America in the fields of research, technology and social media. What else is important to life?

The rest of the world needs to now learn how to respect the earth and its people and nature and animals in order for us to be globally at peace with each other. Only then can progress be made anywhere in the world.    

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