Monday, January 4, 2016

Related imageDebate after debate no matter who the candidate is, they talk as if the world is on fire. Too bad we can’t have a few more years of our quiet calm and cool Obama as President. They won’t admit it but I think we all got used to the man, the leader the current President. They say terrible things about each other and about our country like that we are all in the toilet and other countries are killing us. I am happy that since the Bush Administration left, we have gotten relatively safer thanks to Obama’s ways.  Our economy has gotten better too. Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again is out of touch. Obama already made America great again. Trump seems to want a war with the world. He already has the hate of Mexicans, Muslims women delivered from the hate he spews out yet he is the popular candidate among red necks in middle America with their loaded shot guns ready to “protect themselves.”
The numbers speak for themselves. There is not a better place to be today than we were six or eight years ago. We know that facts are not in the Bible but we do have statistics   on how things were compared to how things are today. The facts who think we have to restore to the Bush era from the Obama years speak for themselves. These were the facts from this past September and now into the New Year have continued to get better for Obama. From Bush’s last year till now, unemployment was 7.2%   now at 5.1%, price  of gas  $3.24 per gallon now at $2.15 per gallon, health uninsured was at 15% now down to 9.2%,  energy independence we used to import 11 million barrels of oil per day now it is down to  4 barrels a day. Teen pregnancy is down from 40.2% to 26.5%. Our Gross National Product went up from minus 3% to 3.7%. The Dow Jones our stock market was selling shares at 10,065 and activity went up to 18,384 shares being traded daily. That my friends is a much stronger economy now. We should be at the moment of thankfulness.   
We still have income inequality where the struggling tax payer sees the black President who didn’t do much to change his paycheck. He promised change when he was re-elected but how much change did we expect? Nevertheless all the candidates have a negative effect of disillusionment. They can only agree on if Obama has ruined us on purpose or by accident. Must they be so dramatic in order to be elected to a job they know nothing about except Hillary who lived in the White House and had the most experienced job in American politics out of all those candidates. Do all these men want to restore the old numbers?
They act like Obama never existed. They give him zero credit for eradicating terrorist leaders World Wide. We must not discount all this progress just because you selfishly want to be elected. America is great because I never heard of anyone leaving this country to get a better job in another country.                                                                                                                                                                    

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