Wednesday, November 18, 2015

World Health Organization and its efforts in Kenya (Health)

Kenya has serious health problems for most of its citizens. The World Health Organization is offering much of its efforts to helping the people of Kenya in their health needs.  Kenya is suffering from widespread rising in numbers of deaths from non communicable diseases (NCD’s). There are increasing deaths in Kenya from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory disease. These diseases account for 27%  deaths of Kenyans between the ages of 30 and 70. That means that 370,000 people die each year from these diseases. It is assaulting the poorest people trapped in poverty. All these sick people on the brink of death reduces productivity in Kenya. No one wants to work if they are sick. If the people of Kenya do not work there is no economic growth in the country. Disease makes everyone and everything suffer.

Related imageThe World Health Organization is taking notice of the deep problems in Kenya and is trying to help by setting up goals for the country, improving health centers, trying to educate the people to lead healthier lives and mapping the epidemic to track any progress or downfalls in the effort to reduce these diseases in Kenya. All the things killing the Kenyan people are preventable. The people need to live better and want to take care of their health. The people are exposed to too much tobacco use, they  are not physically active enough, they eat unhealthy diets and they indulge in alcohol abuse.  So smoke, don’t exercise, eat junk food and drink booze and yes you will probably die young.

The health care budget in Kenya is spent on treating all the diseases that KENYAN’S BRING ON THEMSELVES by choosing to live in bad health practices.  The Hospitals have to deal with 50% of inpatient admissions from these diseases and 50% of the deaths at hospitals are from these diseases. The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization can not do much if the people of Kenya do not wish to cooperate and wish to live healthier lifestyles. They do not want to farm or eat fresh vegetables they prefer junk food. They do not wish to preserve healthy fresh water they prefer to drink beer and alcoholic beverages. They have no interest in breathing fresh air, they prefer smoking cigarettes and cigars. They do not wish to exercise daily. A country of people needs to want to get better if they are ever going to get better.

The great levels of illness and death associated with diseases has meant that the Kenyan government has prioritized disease prevention and control in its National Medium Term Plan (MTPll) set for the years 2014-2018. They have the National Health Strategic Health Plan (KNSSP) also funded from 2014-2018. Then there is the recently launched The United Nations Development Assisted Framework (UNDAF) for Kenya and the third generation Kenyan WHO Country Cooperation Strategy   for the years 2014-2019.  All programs endorsed by the World Health Organization in its efforts to help Kenya. 

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