Friday, November 6, 2015

Japanese People and their Determination to Work (Mix)

When you talk about a specific group of people from a specific region like Japanese people, you need to overview the situation and the culture and ethics they live and are governed by and then you might be able to determine why they work hard. The entire Japanese culture centers on respect, pride and honor. Ethics like that do not come easily for anyone. You need to do something to take pride in. Respect needs to be earned and honor just comes with good ethics. All wonderful things to possess and to center your life by.  These things do occur in other cultures but they are magnified in the Japanese culture.
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As a result of these guidelines, Japanese workers will often have more pride in their work and more respect for their superiors. This also translates into those who are raised with Japanese cultural values are raised to have integrity. It becomes a better culturally enforced work ethic. The people care and don’t just spend time at work only working for a pay check at the end of the week.  They care about what they have produced or added to the company at the end of the week and then they humbly accept a fair wage for their extreme efforts. A work ethic means everything to the workspace. Pep talks are rarely needed.
In order to be a hard worker we need that determination to want to work. It must come from within that desire. We want integrity as part of our wholeness. How else do we become that team player doing all that can be done at work? That integrity must come independently from each and every worker.  It gives them the ability and confidence to be a leader. Where and how you are raised and the type of people that surround you determines your positive or negative attitude about everything you do.

Japanese people behave well and are well-cultured, hard –working and innovative. They are disciplined, patriotic and are very clean in appearance and in standards.  Given all these positive traits to walk around with, why wouldn’t you also be determined to work hard and well? It is also helpful that the Japanese education system is respected and students are focused at their studies and not disruptive. The work ethic begins as a child in school. With the introduction of Kanji in Japan, Japanese vocabulary expanded quite a bit due to the use of the Chinese pronunciations of the Kanji new words.

The main difference between a westerner worker and a Japanese worker is why they are working. People from other cultures other than Japanese work for selfish reasons. They are mainly working for their money, their promotions, their holidays and their weekends. Everything other than the job. A Japanese worker is motivated by thinking about the company, their colleagues and their responsibilities, all about doing a great job and living up to their both personal and professional expectations at the workplace.  

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