Friday, November 27, 2015

It is never too late to be thankful about something.  Be thankful no one chopped your head off for doing your job. Be thankful that you did not get killed by a spray of bullets coming from strangers you never met trying to kill you. Take a deep breath and be thankful that you are still alive after eating all that great food yesterday and even if you did not eat the turkey with all the trimmings or meet people you haven’t seen in a while, shut up and find something to be thankful for.

Related imageNearly a quarter of Americans eat turkey only around Thanksgiving time.  Maybe because they come from cultures that just don’t eat the bird or were too busy working some retail selling job to even have the time to cook the bird. There are still people who want to go back to basics and are willing to change their lifestyles in order to do it. There are communities being developed where 85% of the food they eat are grown within five miles of their community. There are organic farms within their backyards. The development called Serenbe is located south of Atlanta and can have small homes as well as 5 bedroom homes with the farm within sight of their windows.
The community has more than 200 homes and is growing. The big draw is not swim, tennis or golf but fresh vegetables from a real working farm with chickens and livestock for real fresh meats and poultry. The farm is cared for by professional farmers. The farm is at the center of a 60 acre community where the road signs say be careful of our four legged moving lawn ornaments or beware of children at play.  The owner of the land grew up on a farm and made his wealth by eventually owning 30 restaurants and bought the sprawling farmland and tried to preserve it. There are walking trails and horse stables nearby for all to use. The 25 acres at the center of it all is set aside for agriculture and they are thankful for the abundance of seasonal food it provides at great prices.

The first 20 lots were sold within 48 hours. The next group were sold within six weeks. So, it is obvious that there is now a marked demand for people wanting to somehow to get back to basics and get away from the boxed foods sold at supermarkets full of preservatives, salt and sugar. There are people who wish to get away from all the fast food corporate foods full of trans- fats and calories giving all of us horrible diseases like diabetes and heart disease. A lifestyle change can be the answer to the health crisis in America. Our doctors fill us with prescription drugs and few other alternatives. Be thankful that there is still hope for better futures out there and safe healthy communities full of educated consumers that want to put their money in safe healthy places. 

Related image
Now there are hundreds of Agrahoods popping up in places all over America. The Cannery near Sacramento has a seven acre farm in the middle of their community. Prairie Crossing outside Chicago is anchored by a hundred acre farm. Willowsford is just outside Washington D.C. that has 300 acres set aside for a fruit orchard chickens and goats. Agrahoods already have become luxury living. The average home can be $700,000 dollars that can be 5 times more than other homes in the area. The farmers have a kinship with the children who often choose to help out and pick their own food for dinner. The people share the recipes they chose to cook the vegetables with the farmers and all have a feeling of self- worth and   pure happiness.


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