Monday, November 23, 2015

How to Attain Most Attractive Salary in your Career (Mix)

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Think in terms of the guy who is willing to pay top dollar for the best guy. In order to attract the most attractive salary in any career you must groom yourself to be the most attractive candidate for the job.  Be handsome or beautiful, have the most training, get the highest education in that career and most of all be the best person for the job. In order to do that you must know your competition and what they are.
Negotiation for the most attractive salary is a attainable skill. You need to know what to ask for without asking for too much that you will no longer be considered for the job. One never wants to hear that the company can’t afford me and then meanwhile you have nothing. Use yourself as a commode if you have too. Bargain yourself between two possible companies to work for and let them battle it out for your services while the salary goes up and up. Knowledge is always power and the more knowledgeable you are about the companies you choose to work for, the more reasonable figure of money you will know you can negotiate for. Negotiation is part of the job hunting process, and if you are determined to get the best offer possible, you really need to learn a lot about the people granting salaries too.
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The art of negotiating salaries is to have a strategy. Let them know as much as you can about you and make them like and want you so delay salary and benefit negotiations for as long as possible. They are only human. People are weak and will pay any price for something they really got to have. Make them really want you on their team then strike with monetary numbers.
Know the right time to accept an offer. If you accept too soon there is no room for further negotiation. If you take too much time to accept the employer will think you are not interested and will move onto another candidate. We have a population explosion and there are many people out there all looking for that best job. Do not be smug.  Thank the employer for the offer and express your strong interest and enthusiasm for the job. But state that you’ll need time to evaluate the entire compensation package. Most employers are willing to give you a fair enough time to review. Being too anxious might give a prospective employer doubts about you already.
Research everything to get that knowledge and feel for the company even before you enter any corporate door.  The greatest tool in any negotiation is information. The more you know about the company the less they have to teach you about their place and they will like that. Learn about the geographic, economic, industry, and company-specific factors about the company that might affect the given salary. The most attractive salary is always attainable. Set your own bar for it.

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