Saturday, November 28, 2015

Related imageThe terrorist are being funded by killing the majestic and   highly intelligent, elephant. The African Elephant in the national parks are being killed for their valuable ivory in record numbers to fund the cost of weapons for the terrorists.  The elephant population has gone down due to the poachers and sportsmen.  A National Park should not be a killing field yet that is exactly what they are in Africa. The world leaders need to address this problem and the funding of terrorists would stop. Someone needs to care!

Sportsmen should feel ashamed for killing such a large majestic animal for no reason. There isn’t even any sport involved. The elephant is an easy target being so large and slow moving. How can it even be any satisfaction to kill such a beast? The sportsmen pay up to $60,000 dollars for a legal permit to kill elephants. Poachers do it for free.  Neither murderers show any guilt or remorse after the kill.  The American government recently banned bringing home elephant tusks but places like China love to pay top dollar for the tusks. There is no stopping of the killing to even let the species rebound. Wouldn’t a killer want an abundance of elephant to choose from for their killing sprees? Instead they are trying to kill every one.

Related imageGaramba National Park is 2,000 square miles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo set aside for the safe grazing of the elephant. Terrorists have taken over the place killing regularly. It was once an elephant thriving   area. Now it is a graveyard. The rich poachers will use chain saws and helicopters to chop off an elephant’s head. On foot they will use knives to just cut ant steal the valuable tusks. There are only about 1,000melephants left in the park, the only so called refuge for the elephant in all of Africa.  It is more of a holding cell for the murderers. Every single animal has a huge price on its head. A single tusk is worth about $80,000 in the black market. This is why poachers kill as many as they can as quickly as they can. Why don’t these idiots farm elephants and have all the tusks they want? Is making the species extinct any kind of solution?

Shooting the massive beasts from a helicopter and taking the heads can be done within an hour there isn’t even an adequate Army in Africa to protect the National Park. The terrorist groups on earth are profiting from this bounty to buy more weapons to use on people of the world. The terrorists are winning coming to the parks with sophisticated weapons to kill the animals quickly and efficiently. Where is the United Nations to be more pro-active in this region of the world.  We are a global society that  needs to ban together, stop the funding of terrorists and keep the National Parks of any country a safe haven for the animals that have been given to us on earth.

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