Sunday, November 22, 2015

How to get Organic Traffic for a Website? ( Others)
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So you have that website and for a while there you were happy to just have anyone go to it for whatever reason. Now you want more traffic and you need to figure out how to get people interested in your site. One of the most important ways is to make sure you have a great keyword that describes what you do on that site of yours. A good keyword will naturally and organically direct everyone to you in any search engine.
Have you heard of a forum? Get that group going to spread the word about your Website.  Discussion groups are always good and can even create a type of word of mouth free advertising. But don’t lie. Don’t post a phone number that doesn’t work or say you are from say New York City when you are really from a foreign country. Most of all do not take things like money from faithful followers of your site for something like a Premium Status fee and never grant it to a follower. Good faith is important for trust and will increase followers. Soon there   will   be other Websites using your name in the keyword to simply warn people about what a fraud you really are.
Start a niche group on places like Facebook.  Social networking is a real quick way to spread the word and you want your words to be spread throughout everyone’s friends there. In the niche be sure to present your site in the most easy and appealing way. You don’t want the Facebook people to turn against you either.
Related imageWrite a blog about your site and submit it to Stumble Upon for promotion purposes. Promote your blogposts to your e-mail list. A link or two back to your site can considerably increase traffic, sales or focus.
If you mention an influencer in your blog or site also mention them in your tweets. Just a name thrown around here or there can also attract new followers.
Build connections with others in your niche. Building personal relationships with others in your same fields is always important. Know your competitor’s and it will result in other organic inbound links and referral traffic to your site.  
Get on You Tube that has become larger and larger for every type of promotion. It is the best of all social media sites because you can post mini commercials of your business
Make yourself known. Become a member of Industry Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.  Write a good description of yourself and proudly talk about your site and your passion for what it brings to the world.
Respond to your comment section and keep the people who are already visiting your site happy. Apologize for any mis-communication. If there was confusion as to where funds were sent or any problem, offer your faithful followers a bonus to keep friendships good. Even on websites, reputation in everything and good faith is important in any business.

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