Saturday, November 14, 2015

France and its Culture, People and Lifestyle (Mix)

Related imageFrance has become a victim to the Great Migration from the Middle East and is now an old country filled with many traditions and customs that go back many centuries that is now becoming a country that is just a potpourri of many religions, many races. Many different religions and political thoughts with no real sense of who exactly they are anymore. Last night suicide bombing terrorists simply entered the center of Paris and decided to randomly shoot to kill hundreds of innocent people just out and about for a dinner, or soccer game or rock concert normal entertainment for a Friday night. The radicals then blew themselves up.

There is no such thing as a typical person in France anymore. The population now encompasses people from all over the globe. Living among the French can become a traumatic experience and foreigners are often shocked by French attitudes. A newcomer needs to find out where he fits in in terms of class and status. The classes can range from the aristocracy and upper class bourgeoisie   to the workers and peasantry. The French classism is based on birthright. Wealth or money does not buy status.  There is a huge working class difference between the rich and the poor. The wealthy do not boast about their wealth but they live in the best places and find the subject of money distasteful.

The French are renowned for their insularity and cannot stand foreigners. The French hate each other. Most hate people who live in Paris and Parisian’s   believe that anyone who doesn’t live in Paris is a peasant and beneath contempt. The French know a lot about alcohol and are experts at drinking a lot of it. They love a stiff drink. The people love to take to the streets and protest about just about anything. Civil disobedience is a national sport and is the people’s way of enforcing their democracy.  Observing senseless edicts like motoring laws, prohibitive signs such as no parking, no smoking, no dogs  etc. can be considered trivial rules meant to be broken or observed whenever you are in the mood to be civil obedient.  
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The people of France love to complain about their political leaders and regard prostitutes as more trustworthy and working hard people than their elected leaders who are frequent customers of prostitutes anyway. The French through Jean Monnet created the RU European Union and believe that it is a great institution although they are hostile to Turkey’s accession.  They are also adamant that the British should never be allowed to join. So not exactly an equality for all mentality in France, just the countries they want to allow into their club house.

French history is littered with delusions of grandeur. They are proud of their famous dictators like Charlemagne, Napoleon and de Gaulle. Right now they seem to be the targets for terrorists whom are determined to wipe off the face of the earth anyone who disagrees with their religious beliefs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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