Sunday, November 15, 2015

Show solidarity With the Victims of Paris (Other)

Friday the 13 is known for bad luck but what just happened to the poor innocent citizens in Paris was a true tragedy and the western world is with those people in mourning. ISIS just got crossed by our black cat Mr. Obama who can take credit for the drone strike who just killed an ISIS murderer who beheaded journalists in the Middle East. What just happened to the innocent people of France   is just evidence of two different cultures clashing. I read the book called Standing Alone written by a Muslim feminist who described her struggles with the very different cultures clashing in one world.
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Could there even be a feminist liberal Muslim alive? Only in a place like Paris where there are many different kinds of people living together these days. All these attacks are being done by extremist Muslims but where are the Moderate Muslims anymore? Political   Prisioners held in Saudi Arabia will tell you that the Moderate Muslims are all in jail now. Extremism was born in Saudi Arabia and has exploded in Paris on innocent people watching a game, having dinner and attending a concert met with AK-47’s, 7 Suicide Bombers and a blood bath of random bullets in every direction just to disturb the western way of peaceful fun life in Paris.

Related imageAstra Nomani is the author of the book who is living proof of the clash between the Western and Middle Eastern world. In so many Muslim countries there is a law of oppression for its people. The life of a women living in India in Pakistan is a living prison sentence according to western standards and would never be tolerated. If a woman has a boyfriend in Pakistan and gets pregnant as a unwed mother, the man is free to leave her and she who is left with the evidence of the crime of having sex is left with a terrible life.  ISIS men will be head people for religious reasons and wipe the floor with the blood of their victims with their prayer rugs   as if they receive Devine ordination for what they did. In the west, they are considered cold blooded murderers praying to a person in a story that they have never met in the flesh.

Religions have a way of taking something horrific and making it sacred to some. ISIS believes that this most recent tragedy in Paris of 150 innocent people killed is an act of justice and religious sacrifice to their God. According to the laws of ISIS and the laws of Pakistan the pregnant woman is a criminal. Why should a woman receive less inheritance in Pakistan than a man or her brother? Why shouldn’t a woman in Pakistan have the right to even say if she wants to have sex or not? Why is it a radical idea for a woman to have an orgasm?  Will the blood bath in Paris somehow change the prejudice of women and people in general in Paris?


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