Friday, November 13, 2015

10 Best Singers in your Country (Entertainment)

It is hard to determine what famous person is the best at any skill or talent since being the best is all based on individual’s personal opinions and we all know that opinions can vary. So, does best mean the one who made the most money? Recorded the most records? Sings the most notes? Or Just sounds good to me and I don’t care if you ever heard of them. Some singers can answer yes to all these questions and to me that is the criteria that makes them the best singers in America living or dead!
1.       Michael Jackson was the number one best singer in America because he could do it all. His vocal range was a four octave tenor. He had an amazing vibrato and sang across just about any genre of music. He was a fantastic dancer as well.

2.       Freddie Mercury was   the lead singer of the rock group called Queen. He made it a unique popular band because of his many harmonies and vocal technique. He composed one of the first successful rock operas. No one has ever been able to duplicate his style at composing.

3.       Elvis Presley is the best because of his timeless interpretation of the lyrics in all his songs. He had a sexy smooth style that still makes you stop and listen. He was a very attractive man and did sexy moves in his dancing and singing and made movies too.

4.       Robert Plant is the greatest rock singer ever.  He was the lead vocalist of the great rock group called Led Zeppelin. He is responsible for some of the best classic rock songs ever recorded. He has to be remembered for his originality in music.

5.       Whitney Houston was the singer who rose out of the gospel church music to be one of the greatest popular divas ever. She could hold a note and take that note to a unique stylistic   vocal range that can   compare  to   no other singer.. She also performed in a few dramatic movies.

6.       Paul McCartney is the bass player, singer and songwriter for the trend setting band called The Beatles. He later also formed the band called Wings that had his wife as a band member. He got knighted by the Queen of England for his achievements.
7.       John Lennon was also a band member of the popular group called The Beatles. He was the other half of the songwriting duo of the Beatles. He was known for his loving and peaceful messages in all his lyrics.
8.       Frank Sinatra was a pure singer who did not play any other instruments. His voice was an instrument that told a story every time he sang. His vocals are timeless and comforting. There was a beauty in his breathing technique that made every line he sang into a smoothness no one else can duplicate.

9.       Mariah Carey is a pop diva who is as pretty as her voice. She also has a 4 octave range capable of hitting high notes that don’t appear on most musical instruments.

10.   Adele looked like the ordinary girl next door who sang sad songs but with a style that no one can duplicate.


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