Thursday, November 12, 2015

So many women still die in pregnancy in India. Why? (Health)
There are 56,000 women dying during childbirth each year in India. Meanwhile World Wide deaths of women during childbirth have dropped by 20%. Why is it so unsafe to give birth in India? 36 of the 40 most unsafe places to have a child are located in sub-Saharan Africa. I believe the only way to stop the deaths is to not get pregnant at all. Contraception should be widely available and used. More gains need to be made for women to have access to family planning centers that will offer services and advice to end a pregnancy or to give birth safely.

Related imageEvery day some 800 women die from pregnancy or childbirth from complications that are very often preventable, such as severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure during pregnancy and unsafe abortion. For every woman who dies, a further 20 women suffer debilitating childbirth injuries such as obstetric fistulas. Why are these tragedies happening? They are happening because India is careless. There is little or no access to family planning. There is no government investing in health workers with midwifery skills. There is no ensuring access to emergency obstetric care when complications arise over and over again. Nothing is being learned from these tragedies and little is being spent to prevent the tragedies and to care for India’s women in general.

Interventions are needed not only to save lives but are also needed to support the healthy development of families. Millions of women in India are not respected and are being denied even the very basic of care during pregnancy. Even poor countries like Eritrea and Bangladesh have better treatment of their women during pregnancy. The women of India do not have to die during pregnancy if they receive even the minimal amount of care. There are two countries on the planet that treat their pregnant women the worse than anywhere else on earth. These two countries account for a full third of all maternal deaths. The two countries are India and Nigeria. India is the worst place on the planet with 56,000 deaths. Nigeria has 40,000 deaths.

When are the men of India going to take care of their women? They are quick to rape the women or just get them pregnant with no regard for their health or contraception.  India is over populated. There are too many children that are poor, mal-nourished, living in filth with no responsible parents to take care of them. Humans should know better and take care of their wives and children. Many of India’s girls never get to live to their full potential. They marry to young and get pregnant too early. Men should not be taking advantage sexually of India’s women. At least the use of more contraception would save some lives. As a result, 70,000 teenage girls die in pregnancy or childbirth each year, making maternal death the most common cause of death for girls between the ages of 15 and 19 years old. Men should be castrated to solve the problem in India! 

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