Sunday, October 11, 2015

Your most favorite topic about health searchable on Internet (Health)

The one health condition that we all worry about whether we are rich or poor, healthy or sickly is the on- going problem of cancer awareness. Every day there are millions of people searching something on the ever exploding informative Internet about cancer research, different types of cancer, cancer symptoms,    researching cancer and the ever growing problem now over the cost of pharmaceutical cancer controlling- medications.   The cost of life saving cancer drugs is disturbing more than even having the disease, well almost as sad. Cancer is a popular issue these days.

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The problem is world-wide and is killing people of all ages. Everyone is constantly concerned with catching the disease before it overtakes your entire body and suddenly you find that there is no hope for you. So we research on the Internet tests. Yes tests for breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer and on and on till you thought of every part of your body that can possibly fall to the disease. It can make you crazy even if you happen to be the healthiest person on the planet presently. The terrible disease can suddenly ravage your body tomorrow without any signs at any moment. It sounds like a fictional horror movie but it is not. This is real life or death for people on this planet the only planet with life as we know it.  There is no place to hide or to go from possible cancer.
Related imageSo, yes what do we do? We constantly search the Internet for news of new research or great new drugs or look for the possibility of   preventable cancer causing diets or cancer care of patients. Cancer is my favorite topic about health searchable on the Internet because it is interesting how many turns and pitfalls the subject goes through. Recently there was a 15 year old boy who developed test strips for early detection of pancreatic cancer where before his discovery, there was no early detection tests for scientist and doctors. Internetatly interesting!   
 I learned from Internet searches   that politicians in the United States get large campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies and they voted to not put any restrictions on the price of cancer healing drugs. So, important medicines are legally being sold not any more at $7 dollars a pill but for $700 dollars a life -saving pill. I learned from the Internet searches that there is a hospital injecting   Polio into people’s brains to successfully cure brain cancer. The Internet is the gateway to the world of knowledge and trends.

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Searching the Internet can make you laugh, cry, want to be an activist or just want you to check out of everything possible. At times it can be too much information to bear. I get upset when it comes to health matters because at times the knowledge of things can only foster frustration. For example, all my life I watched the Jerry Lewis Telethons to help combat the disease of multiple sclerosis and each year he would raise millions of dollars and show a suffering child struggling to stand or with limbs going in all different directions while being confined to a wheel chair. All they did was make faster wheelchairs with no cure in sight. After cancer I think I will search that on the Internet..

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