Saturday, October 10, 2015

Business Opportunities in South Africa for Foreigners (Business)

South Africa is the most modern and sophisticated place for business in Africa but how can foreigners join in the successes that South Africa has been having? It is an attractive place to bring your business or to invest in an existing business there for a few of very good reasons that America, Europe and the Middle East is not doing lately. South Africa is a very attractive place for foreigners to do business because economic reforms have given the place stability. Taxes have been reduced, tariffs lowered, the deficit has been brought under control and change controls have been relaxed. All this economic stability is a place where you want to go for business. What is most important is that the government has made it clear that they welcome foreign investments.

Related imageIt is easy to conduct business in South Africa since it is one of the least expensive places for foreigners to live with a high standard of living that makes it easy to expand   business opportunities.  There are business opportunities for foreigners in the fields of   energy and fuels, steel production, deep level mining, telecommunications and   information technology. South Africa is the best place of all African countries to conduct business with foreigners. Foreign businesses feel welcomed because the government has provided incentives for value-added manufacturing projects, support for industrial innovations and a good environment for small business development with access to convenient international airports.  Why wouldn’t a foreigner want to conduct business in South Africa?
Foreigners should want to conduct business in South Africa because they have protections. The country has a well-developed and regulated regime based on best international practice. Competition legislation follows the European Union, United States and Canadian models. It is a fair place to conduct business since there are anti-competitive conduct restrictive practice laws in place. They will not tolerate price=fixing, predatory practices or abuses by dominant firms that own a market share of more than 35% in their field like large international companies like Dole and Monsanto has dominated in South America.
Related imageSome current business opportunities open to foreigners in South Africa is a number of companies who are seeking investors are the 13-hectare retail development to boost Heidelberg. The company is in the business of water projects, sanitation, electricity and roads. Jobs and infrastructure badly needed in all regions of Africa to improve the quality of life for the citizens. The world should no longer have to see poor African children playing in the mud with flies in their mouth surrounded by their feces.  Another major project is the GGDA that is working on building a pleasure resort at Ratanda. The Richards Bay Industrial Company is seeking workers and innvestors to manufacture styrene-butadiene rubber latex in South Africa.

There are many opportunities being offered but the most important thing being offered are the people of South Africa willing to learn and to teach in tandem and in union with foreigners to create a better world for all of us. There are still many untapped resources in Africa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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