Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ten Most Popular Colleges in Your City (Education)

Related imageIt is time to get higher education. Everyone needs it and now a College Degree can be considered a basic education in many fields. Even the requirements for civil servant jobs have increased towards education. There was a time when a GED or high school graduate was sufficient to take the Police Department Exam. Now they require one year of college.  So, where should you go and what should you major in? What is the criteria that makes one college more popular than another?

My city is New York City and despite everything else it is known for, it is also known for its great educational institutions.  It is diverse from military academies to religious seminaries. So what is the popular ones and not necessarily the most diverse or technical or most difficult college and what makes it popular? It is difficult to narrow it down to the ten most popular when there are 307 colleges or universities to choose from in New York.

10. St. John’s University located in Queens is a private Catholic College but is popular because it has a great basketball program but mostly because they accept 97% of student financial aid due to lots of scholarships and grants given.

Related image9. Syracuse University has a big English and journalism focus for degrees and you need a 3.9 average just to be considered for enrollment. It is popular because the university has built the Carrier Dome which is the largest sports stadium in the country.  They do have a good basketball and football program.

8. Cornell University is an Ivy League school that is ranked   number one in the United States in the field of engineering. They offer various programs in research, practical and theory. Engineering is one of the most popular majors these days and makes it a popular career path to take.

7. Nassau Community College is a great place to start your college visions. After two years here earning a liberal arts degree, you are ready and probably accepted to any 4 year college of your choice. They have everything from Africana studies to theater.

6. Stony Brook University is a four year University   that stresses psychology as a major but also has a great math program. Being a state university for residents the tuition is only $5,570 dollars. If you are an out of state resident, the tuition climbs to $16,190 dollars for the same education per year.

5. Suffolk County Community College is popular because it offers courses that will ensure you acceptance in a four year college upon completion stressing English and engineering. It also is home to the Suffolk Center on Holocaust, a museum of the tragedy.

4. Columbia University is best known and popular for its art history degrees and departments covering archaeology to Art collecting.

Related image3. University at Buffalo   is most popular for its business administration majors and great job placements in good companies after graduation.

2. Excelsior   College is best known and most popular for its five year Masters programs in the health sciences field.

1. The number one most popular college in New York City is New York University in Manhattan popular for steering students to business and how to make money in any field they choose from stocks to art.

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