Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Different Money Transfer Services in your Country (International)

We are living in a global society where goods and services are made from parts made from all over the world. An engine could be made in Mexico but the screws could be made in Japan. We can travel to the other side of the world within 24 hours and we need our money to follow us wherever we go. A good money transfer system is very important for the good flow of people and goods and services to be able to travel the globe. What are the different money transfer services offered in the United States?

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  You can find money transfer stations in supermarkets, drug stores, retailers such as Walmart and store-front operations. Banks and web-sites also offer money-transfer services, funded through a bank account a credit card   or debit card. The American dollar is the world’s most traded currency.  Here is a list of companies that transfer money in and out of the United States.

USForex Foreign Exchange Service   is a good service if you are sending below $5,000 at a time.
World First,   On Your Side is a top rated company known for its security.
Venstar   is known for great customer service. The fee is $15.00 for transfers below $10,000.
Currencies Direct   is one of Europe’s leading non-bank providers of money transfers.
AFEX is one of the oldest companies in business and is trusted globally.

Related imageHow do you know which money-transfer service is best for you? These five companies have transferred over a billion dollars globally and are respected and trusted yet diverse.  It is a big job for a company to be able to support   over 71 currencies across 94 countries and can handle all sizes and kinds of money transfer requests.  The best known companies are Western Union and Money Gram who offer the most ways to send money to the most countries.  But they also have higher fees and less-favorable exchange   rates   than such   services as Xoom and Viamericas
There are a large number of providers to choose from with variations on money transfer services. Each has its own complex combination of charges for its services. The various ways to send money are cash to cash, bank accounts, credit and debit cards and prepaid debit cards as well as the use of cell phones.  There is a free downloadable app to PayPal for the IPhone, Android and Blackberry. It lets you text money from your PayPal account by using a phone number or e-mail account.

People will choose which money-transfer company or method to use based on the fees they charge for their services. You have to figure out the costs of the transaction that differs wildly depending on what service you choose.  Look carefully at the exchange rate, the fees, the total cost, and finally the total cost meaning the amount of money you are totally out of pocket.  Choose carefully and don’t be afraid to transfer money globally there are many companies to choose

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