Friday, October 2, 2015

Some New Ideas for Business in Your City

Everyone wants to make more money, a new source for income but how? A new business is the way to go but what new business? In my city, New York City new businesses crop up all the time but what is a really new idea that everyone can benefit from? If you look in any business directory there can be as many as 85 Million businesses out there making money. The real question is what business is perfect for you to be happy with and will keep you motivated to want to make it grow to its greatest potential? Yes, a wish list just like we hope for in our children.

Related imageA new idea that is trending lately is clubbing for children. You already bought them everything they need or want, the TV, I Phone, I Pad, X Box all the video games they want but what you didn’t get them yet is the fun they see the older kids having. The dance club life. Imagine the music thumping, the lights flashing, the bar has requests for Shirley Temples with two cherries and the six year olds are having a blast! A great deal would be to manage a business geared to children aged six through twelve to buy a membership at a VIP club located at any already established hot night club only you only want to rent the venue for Sunday afternoons.

To add to the fun and excitement you can have 8 year olds being the DJ or add balloons, hats, glow sticks or even party games. Yes, a party every weekend with Mom or Dad on the sidelines taking pictures and swaying to the beat too. We all could use a bit more fun in our lives and there is no greater fun than good music   along with other people who crave fun and not just clicking at all our electronic devices. What could be better than safe fun where kids can feel like grownups and enjoy an activity they always hear about adults doing while they get to stay home with a babysitter?

Related imageThe business plan would be to sell memberships, advertise on all social media, organize thematic events and increase your e-mail and credit base with new locations and the focus on memberships by even advertising through schools. You can even offer contests for free memberships for the   child who reads the most books in a time period and get all the kids in his or her class involved in asking for a club membership on their wish list.

Even if you do not like this new idea, whatever your new business dream is, you will need a practical action plan, education and tools to open your doors to the public to establish a good customer base.  Get your dream business started and then work on increasing profits, improve employee and customer satisfaction and most importantly, achieve a work/life balance for yourself. Do not let any business venture take the fun out of your life. Go clubbing! 

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