Thursday, October 1, 2015

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Your Country

America has some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. We are probably most famous for the Great Lakes region   in Northeastern North America. They comprise the largest lakes on earth and  are five interconnecting lakes known individually as Lake Erie,  Ontario  near the Canadian Border, Superior, Michigan-Huron that interconnect. Their beauty lies in their vastness and source for great drinking water that is bottled for sale. The waters are so deep and vibrant that they are also known as the Inland Seas. Their characteristics are much like the ocean with currents and waves from the winds.
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The Finger Lakes of Upstate New York is number nine   because of the beautiful foliage around the eleven long and narrow roughly north and south lakes. Tourists   love to visit   since their coastlines are dotted with lodges and resorts and restaurants. There are organized   festivals   to enjoy as well as the lake life of swimming and fishing.

Eight is Lake George also located in the north eastern region. This calm lake is popular to relax near and simply take in the breathtaking views of the Adirondacks Mountains surrounding the lake great for horseback riding and camping.

My seventh choice is to go across the country to California and see   Lake Tahoe known for its activities like hot air ballooning, kayaking, fishing and touring the historic mansions that dot the coast line. There is even a casino nearby if you are the gambling type.

Visit the lake part of the Colorado River in Texas as my sixth choice, Lake Austin is   a reservoir where people from the city of Austin often visit to get cool.  This lake is also used for power generation and flood control but beautiful.

Related imageTry some different lakeside activities for my fifth choice at Lake Geneva.   We have a Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Most people here enjoy activities like sailing, parasailing and playing golf along the scenic shoreline.
The ultimate in lake activities is my fourth choice at Table Rock Lake in Missouri. It is a massive lake of 50,000 acres of water surrounded by the Ozark Mountains and a great place to jet-ski, speed boat racing and scuba dive.

If it is the scenery you crave more than activities, visit my third choice lake area Crater Lake in Oregon where   water circles   the collapse of the Mount Mazama   Volcano and   is the deepest lake in America.

Number two is Lake Powell in Utah that is a man-made lake reservoir known for its beauty; the contrast of blue clean clear water against the backdrop of red rising sand-stone rocks of a desert is beautiful.

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The number one most beautiful lake is Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming in the winter that is magical beauty with nature at its most powerful showing us mere humans the power of the earth and its geysers along the West Thumb shoreline.  What makes America’s lakes so beautiful is the lake themselves and all nature provides not the playground humans make of the waters.

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