Saturday, October 3, 2015

How to Bring Taste in Cooking Foods (Others)

Related imageWe are all living beings that need essential food to live and exist. There will always be different kinds of foods that people prefer especially depending on the region where they live but the basic ingredients are world- wide. Where ever we travel most of us are used to a vegetable, bread or rice, meat or eggs. With these   basic ingredients, something editable can be cooked for someone else in your particular style or preference to share.  Then the worry sets in. Will they like the foods I have chosen to share? Are they allergic to some ingredient? Have they chosen to be Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Carnivores, Macrobiotic? Should I throw out most of the ingredients and then serve what is left raw? Forget dinner, let’s go to a movie!

No, regroup and eat that meal that others have prepared especially for you. Weather it is a friend or relative or a new restaurant, others prepare a lot of your meals yet they do not know your exact taste preferences. It doesn’t matter what they serve you including exotic things, chances are you will eat anything as long as it tastes good.  Tasting something is like a sexual experience bringing in all the emotions and sensations of smell, looks and sound along with the sensation on your tongue of sweet, salty, bitter or sour that can bring on any number of instant facial expressions for your tired hosts to see. Tasting cooked foods is an experience for all.

Related imageRestaurants want you to return again so they take no chances with your preferences. They will put on the table for you all sorts of spices and herbs to try to satisfy your taste preferences before you even order anything. Most places will have the salt and pepper shaker. Others will include the butter or oil and vinegar bottles. Pizza places will have an assortment of spices like oregano, parsley, hot pepper, parmesan   cheese all in shakers so you can make the taste in their cooked food explode. Even coffee houses have shakers with spices like vanilla,

chocolate powder, nutmeg, cloves and ginger to satisfy your taste buds while drinking their coffee. Then it is rare to find two people who like any food or beverage exactly the same way.
We are spoiled when it comes to our food. We want it all the way we like it. If it is boiled food we like to add salt or butter or sugar   or all of it to bring out flavor in hot soft foods like vegetables or rice or mashed potatoes. On our meats we like the spices or rubs that include hot sauce or catsup or cumin. Each region on earth has their particular spice preference to create Italian or Indian or Middle Eastern tasting foods. Without spices there wouldn’t be much to taste on anything anywhere. Then there is Chinese and Tai or Vietnamese foods with their unique sauces and spices.  Now I’m really hungry!

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