Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nightclubs and Dance Parties in your city. (Entertainment)

Related imageYou work hard all week and weekends belong to you. New York City is the place to go for great nightlife. Sometimes you find the greatest parties going on at what you would ordinarily think was the most unlikely places. One place that falls into this category is the beautiful American Museum of Natural History that after hours on weekends turns from starchy home of ancient artifacts to trendy dance parties. It is a great way to launch your weekend with drinks and dancing and live bands under the indoor ceiling of stars seeing unreal visuals in the Rose Center for Earth and Space room.  Every weekend there is someone new appearing so you will never be bored with the music.

Do something really different and start your dancing experience right after work and right after dinner and go down to the village for some good old fashioned country western hold handing dancing in bright lights from 7:30 to about 10:30 on Saturdays at the Church of the Village , 201 West 13 Street. This is something no one would expect to find in any metropolitan city.   The music reflects the sounds of Middle America from bluegrass, string bands, Irish traditional,   Appalachian   fiddle tunes and Cajun.   The dances have simple and easy to learn patterns with people always smiling no matter what. It is just a contagious place of unusual old fashioned fun. The night is young and no one is drunk or highly sexual yet so it is just a good way to start to unwind your day.

Related imageNow you are ready for the City That Never Sleeps, the other name for New York City because there are bars and clubs everywhere open all night long to have a brew and some dirty dancing. Start your late night bar crawl with the East Village or West Village where many clubs feature beer pong, karaoke, live bands, DJ’s and dancing.  Go to Mehanata to get down and dirty with that real hot dance club feel.  The place has the energy, soul and funk to lift you out of your socks. If you want a wild and rowdy dance floor, you found the place.

If you look hot and crave that VIP treatment find Provacateur where you have to hope to be accepted behind that red velvet rope. Once in the club you will probably see a celebrity or two.  So get your dancing feet going while you gawk at the rich and famous. If you are into the fashionistas and artsy types get yourself down to the Bowery and find the club called Finale.  Here this place caters to a raucous crowd of financiers and fashionistas looking to let it loose. Finale’s set-up makes it easier to just dance near a table than to find the dance floor. Be prepared to drop some serious cash but at least with the table setups you will be sure to meet someone new and interesting.   


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